Arabian Crime – MTF/NL x Blue Afghani


Arabian Crime – MTF x Blue Afghani

One (1) pack of ten (10) non-feminized photo-period seeds.

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An extremely stoney strain, this strain has been known to provide heavy hitting couch lock high paired with the mental high of a sativa.

Strain: Arabian Crime

Class: Mostly sativa

Lineage: First filial (F1) generation Matanuska Thunderfuck/NL x Blue Afghani


Mom: Tall, thick stalk, medium node frequency, lime green, large colas, piney/fuel/robust.

Dad: Medium, sturdy, heavy clusters of anthers at medium frequency, dark green/bluish stalks and veg, cheesy/kush smell.

We found 3 fairly common phenotypes amongst the progeny:

No. 1: Massive stretch for a hybrid, I mean MASSIVE, 4x – 6x. Grown indoors under high intensity, this plant reached minimum height of 57 inches, do not recommend this method unless you operate larger rooms. This is paired with a fairly tight node structure across long legged branches, quite rigid however, suggest support for lower areas. Although leans heavily sativa, fast blossom time as she beats many other sister phenotypes in time to harvest at around 8 week mark, uncommon for many sativa leaning plants. Large spear colas on end of nuggy sticks, heavy yield with skill and proper environment.

No. 2: Medium-low stretch, tighter nodes than #1, a more condensed version, slightly longer bloom time at around 9 weeks, medium yield, larger bud structure, shorter branches.

No. 3: Medium stretch, starts her bloom a little later than the previous 2. Looks like pheno #1, grows like pheno #2

We are currently running model plants for upcoming photography and pheno hunting, plant information is fluid and will be updated as plant data is collected.

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