Gorilla Road Kill (Regular)


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Skunk #1 x Gorilla Glue x Triple OG x Road Kill Skunk

In the depths of the jungle, where shadows dance,
Lies a tale of tragedy, a peculiar circumstance.
A mighty gorilla, once proud and strong,
Met a skunk on a road, where fate went wrong.

With a rumble and screech, they collided that day,
A clash of two worlds, in an unexpected way.
The gorilla, bewildered, its path interrupted,
While the skunk, overwhelmed, its senses corrupted.

From the branches above, monkeys watched in despair,
As the silence engulfed the humid, hazy air.
The gorilla, once fierce, now lay still on the ground,
While the skunk, unaware, roamed around.

Nature wept, for this strange twist of fate, a gorilla, noble, met its untimely state.
The skunk, oblivious, carried on its way,
With a pungent reminder of that fateful day.

But in this melancholy tale, hope can be found,
For even in darkness, beauty is renowned.
The gorilla’s spirit, forever in the wild,
Leaves an indelible mark, for every wandering child.

And the skunk, with its fragrance, reminds us all,
To cherish life’s moments, both big and small.
For in the circle of life, where destinies collide,
Nature weaves its tapestry, a story to confide.

So behold the tale of the gorilla and skunk,
Where tragedy strikes, and highs and lows have sunk.
For in this woven tapestry, lessons are gleaned,
About life’s fragility, and the strength it brings.


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