Vacation Bubba x Chemmunity Service F3 (20+ Auto Reg Seeds)


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Beach Bubba Chem F1 – Strain Information:

Genetic Heritage: Vacation Bubba F1 x Chemmunity Service F3
Seed Type: F1 Regular Automatic
Ind. / Sativa Ratio: 45/55
Cycle Time: 70 to 85 days from sprout
Size: Medium to Large
Yield: 56 to 112 grams
Aroma and Flavor: 

NightOwl Seeds’ Chemmunity Service F3 – Strain Information:

Genetic Heritage: (Chem 91 x Chemdogging) F2 x (Chem 91 x Chemdogging) F2
Seed Type: F3 Regular Automatic
Ind. / Sativa Ratio: 40/60
Cycle Time: 70 to 80 days from sprout
Size: Medium to Large
Yield: 56 to 112 grams
Aroma and Flavor: Sweet Chem

NightOwl Seeds’ Vacation Bubba – Strain Information:

Genetic Heritage: (Pre 98 Episode 1 F3) x (Mango Isle F1)
Seed Type: F1 Feminized Automatic
Ind. / Sativa Ratio: 50/50
Cycle Time: 75 – 85 days from sprout
Size: Medium to Large
Yield: 56 to 112 grams
Aroma and Flavor: The combination of the P98 and Mango Isle has resulted in very unusual flavors that range from meaty skunked lime to creamy earthy spearmint
Effect: Her effects across the board are a lovely hybrid, aiding in mental stimulation, clarity, and focus while providing a sense of physical soothing without weighing you down

Breeding Information:

Bred from NightOwl’s Chemmunity Service F3 (Autoflower Male/Female seeds). Normally NightOwl releases Feminized Autoflowers, but occasionally they release Male/Female Autoflower seeds. I had 1 male and 2 Female Plants from a single pack of 3 seeds. The male pollen is used to pollinate the 2 Female Chemmunity Service F3 Plants in addition to my other Chemmunity Service listings.


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